TRVS25 3-way valve DN25

Item Number: 19020

TRVS20/25, 3-way control valve

If a 3-way valve is preferred, TRVS20/25 can be used instead of TVVS20/25.

TRVS20: maximum close-off pressure 100 kPa (1,0 bar), kvs 2,5, DN20 (3/4").

TRVS25: maximum close-off pressure 70 kPa (0,7 bar), kvs 4,5, DN25 (1").

Pressure class PN16.

Technical parameters

Nominal data
Ambient working temperature (dry conditions) 36 to 122 °F
Dimensions and weights
Length 3 in.
Height 1 in.
Weight 1.3 lb

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