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Frico offers a wide range of control options, from thermostats to intelligent control systems.


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Our thermostats create great comfort and save energy in public and commercial premises as well as in home environments. They control electrical and water borne floor heating, heat pumps, direct effect electric radiators/convectors and air conditioning. They are also extremely suitable for use with electrically or water heated radiant heaters, fan heaters and air curtains. We offer everything from processor controlled wireless thermostats with advanced functions to the simplest bimetal thermostats.

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Regulators and control systems

The control system is the intelligent centre and the ”brain” of a system and essential for good comfort level and low energy consumption. The temperature of an electric heating system can be quickly, easily and precisely regulated and is more responsive than any other heating system. How efficient an air curtain is and how much energy can be saved depends to a large part on the control system. Many factors that affect the air curtain vary over time. The variations can be long term, for example seasonal, or more temporary, for example when the sun goes behind clouds, the premises fills with people or when a door is opened.

Water control - Controls - Products - Frico

Water control

Water heated units must always be supplemented with a valve kit. When heating is not required, the valve restricts the water flow and only a small amount is allowed through so that there is always hot water in the heating coil. This is to be able to provide quick heat supply when a door is opened but also to provide a degree of frost protection. Without valves the unit gives off maximum heat energy as long as the fan is running, which means energy loss.