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Equipping a convector with a fan improves comfort and is more energy efficient, since this increases the air flow and subsequently reduces the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling.

Fan Convectors

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Fan convectors PFS

Fan convector with smart functions for fast and efficient heating

With its smart functions and streamlined design, the PF Smart fan convector is the perfect choice for fast and efficient heating. The PF Smart is suitable for most environments including offices and homes. It is ideal for installation in premises that are used rarely, such as weekend cottages and assembly halls where rapid heating is desirable. In addition, the PF Smart can be remotely controlled so that the premises is warm by the time you arrive.

The PF Smart fan convector has an attractive, streamlined design with a white-lacquered aluminium front. The front can be easily removed and painted any colour you wish.

• IP24

Ceiling convector TKW - Fan Convectors - Convectors - Products - Frico

Ceiling convector TKW

Silent ceiling convector for cooling and heating

Ceiling convector TKW provides both heating and cooling in one product, making it ideal for applications such as offices, shops, conference facilities and restaurants.

The airflow can be distributed as desired via adjustable air deflectors in the elegant front grille. There is also the possibility of distributing air to adjoining areas via duct connections.

TKW is especially adapted for installation in standard suspended ceilings, and can also be suspended from the ceiling.

• IP10