Portable fan heaters

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Compact, portable fan heaters are practical for personal heating comfort at construction sites and occasional heating of other rooms. Their robust design and construction make them very durable.

Portable fan heaters

K21 - Portable fan heaters - Fan heaters - Products - Frico


Small and portable fan heater with high output temperature

K21 is a compact and safe fan heater designed for portable use. Ideal for heating small areas, for example, garages, caravans, awnings, weekend cottages, offices, patios, etc.

K21 fan heater is small and compact in white metal finish and is equipped with a solid handle.

• Output: 2 kW
• IP21

Tiger - Portable fan heaters - Fan heaters - Products - Frico


Robust fan heater for portable use in demanding environments

Tiger is a range of robust and compact fan heaters for professionals with high demands.

The Tiger fan heater has a compact and robust sheet steel design with a red finish. The heavy-duty tubular frame acts as a well-balanced and ergonomic carrying handle. The design protects against impact and vibrations and permits use in exacting environments.

• Output: 2 - 30 kW
• IP44