Regulators and control systems

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The control system is the intelligent centre and the ”brain” of a system and essential for good comfort level and low energy consumption. The temperature of an electric heating system can be quickly, easily and precisely regulated and is more responsive than any other heating system. How efficient an air curtain is and how much energy can be saved depends to a large part on the control system. Many factors that affect the air curtain vary over time. The variations can be long term, for example seasonal, or more temporary, for example when the sun goes behind clouds, the premises fills with people or when a door is opened.

Regulators and control systems

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Control system SIRe

SIRe is an intelligent and well designed low voltage control system which can be customised for each unique application and environment. SIRe is supplied pre-programmed with quick-release connections and is very easy to use and install.

SIRe learns the requirements in the entrance it is installed in (ex. opening frequence and outdoor temperature). It has calendar function and selectable switch off at set temperatures for up to nine units. Because the fan speed is adapted, the sound level is optimised and is never higher than is necessary for comfort.

There are three different levels with different functionality to choose from, Basic, Competent or Advanced..

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Door contact

Switches for door indication.