SWXH23 Fan heater

Item Number: 31155

Fan heater for rooms with high temperatures, water connection

SWX is a range of fan heaters suitable for environments with strict demands on materials and safety. SWX H is intended for rooms with high temperatures, up to 70°C.


Fan heater SWX has a robust design, adapted to the requirements of harsh environments. Supplied with air director with individually adjustable louvres that direct the air flow on one plane.


• IP65

Technical parameters

Nominal data
Heating type Water
Color casing Stainless steel EN 1.4016
Color, outlet grilles Aluminum / Aluminum
Enclosure class IP65
Ambient working temperature (dry conditions) 70 °C
Dimensions and weights
Width 705 mm
Height 655 mm
Depth 430 mm
Weight 46 kg
Air flow
Air flow 3,870 m³/h
Sound data
Sound level 68 dB(A)
Motor/control supply
Control/motor supply 230 V
Phase(s), motor 1~
Control/motor current 1.35 A
Water data
Water heating full output 80/60 °C, air +40 °C 23.1 kW
Pressure drop water 80/60 °C, air +40 °C 2.4 kPa
Water temperature max 150 °C
Maximum working pressure 16 bar
Dimension water connections 22 mm Cu

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